I have published the new blog “Let hem boyle…” ! See you there 🙂

Olen julkaissut uuden blogini “Let hem boylen..” ! NĂ€hdÀÀn siellĂ€ 🙂


Dear readers!

One year has gone now since I started this challenge. One year, 24 recipes (2 recipes per month). I made it! It was so much fun that I have already started working on a new project. I will publish the new thing as soon as everything is finished :). So stay tuned!

The main reason for this blog was to find more time for medieval food in my busy life. Two recipes per month was actually sometimes quite challeging even though most of the recipes were very easy. Time was the biggest challenge. I decided that when I do a dish, I will not do it in haste. So sometimes it took for example four hours to do one dish no matter how easy it was.  Most of the time went for research from other books and internet. I wanted to compare similar kind of recipes for example. Some of the thoughts ended up here too. Not all because I wanted to keep the blog as simple as possible. The most important thing that I learned was that there are certain things that I don’t know yet how to do that I want to learn to do someday.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog as much as I did!



HyvÀt lukijat!

Vuosi on kulunut tÀmÀn haasteen aloittamisesta. Vuosi ja 24 reseptiÀ (eli kaksi reseptiÀ kuukaudessa), niin kuin oli haasteen tarkoituskin! Haaste oli sen verran hauska, ettÀ olen jo aloittanut uuden projektin, josta lÀhetÀn tietoa heti kun pohjatyö on tehty :).

TÀmÀn haasteblogin tarkoituksena oli etsiÀ lisÀÀ aikaa keskiaikaisen ruuan laittoon. Kaksi reseptiÀ kuukaudessa osoittautui vÀlillÀ todella haastavaksi tavoitteeksi siitÀkin huolimatta, ettÀ suurin osa resepteistÀ oli todella helppoja. Aika oli suurin haaste. PÀÀtin, ettÀ en tee yhtÀÀn ruokalajia kiireessÀ. Siksi joidenkin ruokalajien tekemiseen saattoi mennÀ neljÀkin tuntia vaikka kyseessÀ oli todella helppo resepti. Suurin osa ajasta meni taustojen tutkimiseen ja samankaltaisten reseptien vertailuun. Osa ajatuksista pÀÀtyi tÀnnekin. Ei suinkaan kaikki, koska pÀÀtin pitÀÀ blogin mahdollisimman simppelinÀ. TÀrkein asia, mitÀ opin oli se, ettÀ on joitain tiettyjÀ juttuja, joita haluan oppia tekemÀÀn vielÀ paremmin, jonain pÀivÀnÀ.

Toivottavasti nautitte blogista yhtÀ paljon kuin minÀ!


This post is about a friendÂŽs article.. which is unfortunately only in Finnish. She (Sahra) was fortunate to have a chance to see and work at Ronneburg castle (Germany) last Summer. Her article is so well written that you feel that you are actually there too.

Tomorrow I will go to Turku Kauppahalli (City of Turku’s Market Hall) to hunt some meat for the blog. And I was planning to do cooking on Saturday 😀 .


And now in Finnish:

KÀykÀÀ ihmeessÀ katsomassa Sahran (Mervin) uusin artikkeli. Todella mielenkiintoista luettavaa! Sahralla oli mahdollisuus pÀÀstÀ viime kesÀllÀ Saksassa Ronneburgin linnan keittiöön tekemÀÀn ruokaa ihan oikeilla vÀlineillÀ.  Teksti on kirjoitettu niin mukaansa tempaavasti, ettÀ tuntuu kuin itse olisi siellÀ. Melkein voi haistaa mausteiden tuoksun..

Olen huomenna menossa Turun kauppahalliin metsÀstÀmÀÀn lihaa tuleviin blogin resepteihin. Toivottavasti onnistaa! Ruokaa olisi tarkoitus taas tehdÀ lauantaina :D.

I got this award from Alitsa today :). Thank you! (My first award ever!)

So now I need to answer in five questions and give this away for five awesome and gorgeous blogs.
1. When did you start your blog?

Just recently, about month ago.
2. What is it about?
Mainly it’s a challenge for me :D.. I write about cooking medieval food.
3. What are the differences between this blog than others?
Well, this blog is supposed to end when one year is over.
4. Why did you started it?
I wanted to challenge myself and I found out that I haven’t got enough time to make medieval food at home.
5. What would you like to chance in your blog?
I had difficulties with the appearance. I didn’t want to pay money and get better theme for the blog. Maybe next time?
And the award goes for these 5 gorgeus blogs:



Oikeus olla rajaolento

Textile time travels

Mullan alla

Ooh.. only for five 😩 I know so may gorgeous blogs!