Here are the books which are cooking related and which I own. I also have couple of modern cookbooks that are not in this list.

Cookbooks and Pamphlets, Food history in English

A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine, Rain, 2001

A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food, Processing and Consuption, Hagen, 1992

A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye, Ahmed, 2002

Cooking and Dining in Medieval England, Brears, 2008

Cooking in Europe 1250-1650, Albala, 2006

Dining on the Edge, A Collection of 16th and 17th cent Recipes, Vol I, Russeau-Witsoe, 02

Dining on the Edge, A Collection of 16th and 17th cent Recipes, Vol II, Russeau-Witsoe, 02

Early French Cookery, Scully-Scully,1995

Epulario, or The Italian Banquet…..(1598), Roselli

Fast and Feast, Food in Medieval Society, Henisch, 1985

Feast and Banquet Menus, Peachey, 1992

Food and Drink in Medieval Poland, Dembinska, 1999

Medieval Food Traditions in Northern Europe, Karg, 2007

Platina, On Right Pleasure and Good Health, Milham, 1998

Pleyn Delit, Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks, Hieatt-Butler, 1985

Savoring the Past, The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789, Wheaton, 1983

Take a Thousand Eggs or More, Renfrow, 1991

The Appetite and the Eye, Wilson, 1991

The Art of Cookery in the Middle Ages, Scully, 1995

The Art of Cooking, The First Modern Cookery Book, The EminentMaestro Martino of Como, Ballerini-Parzen-Barzini, 2005

The Book of Sent Sovi, Medieval recipes from Catalonia, Santanach-Vogelzang, 2008

The Good Wife’s Guide, Le Menagier de Paris, Greco-Rose, 2009

The Medieval Cook, Henisch, 2009

The Medieval Kitchen, Recipes from France and Italy, Redoran-Sabban-Serventi, 1998

The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570), Scully, 2008

The Original Mediterranean Cuisine, Santich, 1995

Cookbooks in Finnish

Apicius, Roomalainen keittokirja (De re coquinaria), Elo-Laakkonen-Valjakka, 2002

Keskiajan keittiö, Klementtilä, 2007

Keskiajan keittiön salaisuudet, Blonqvist-Hakomaa, 2006

Cookbooks in other languages

Söömine-joomine keskaegses Tallinnas, Põltsam, 2002

Other useful cooking related books I have

Dangerous tastes, The story of spices, Dalby A., 2000

Floora, Puutarhakasvien historia, Elliot B., 2005

Karjalainen keittokirja, Sallinen-Gimpl, 2009

Medieval Gardens, Harvey, 1981

Minun yrttini, Borgen, 2009

The Medieval Garden, Landsberg

The Medieval Household, Daily living c.1150- c.1450, Egan, 2010


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