Who ?

I am a re-enactor who have a passion for food history and cooking. In
the SCA I am known as Eva Grelsdotter. At my first SCA event 1998 I
found myself in the kitchen. I live in Finland (in the SCA known as
Barony of Aarnimetsä).

What ?
This is a personal cooking challenge for me. The book that I am using
for this challenge is Cindy Renfrow’s Take thousand eggs or more. It
is a cookbook from the 15th century  and it contains about 400 recipes
from Harleian, Ashmole, Laud and Douce manuscript collections. For the
first volume the author has modified some of the recipes for modern

In this challenge I will not use those modified recipes but I will try
to modify them on my own and decide how much of certain ingredients
will make the dishes taste good. I tend to use quite a lot of spices
because I like spicy food better than bland. That is of course a
matter of taste.

The challenge is that I will make food from Take a thousand eggs -book
and post recipes and possible comments to this blog. There will be at
least two blog entries per month and the challenge will last for one


I love cooking but I have realized that other things have taken time
from it lately. I felt that I haven’t got enough time to do what I
love. More importantly this is a learning experience for me. Take a
thousand eggs or more is by far the best medieval cooking book that I
have seen.