November 2011

I decided to do little bit different this time. The recipe for the dough is from the book but the filling is not. All the ingredients in the filling are however from the book. Dried fruits are very common in meat pies.

Chewettes (10-15 little pies)

Harleian MS. 4016, Volume II

Take and make fair paste of flour, water, saffron and salt. And make round coffins thereof; and make stuffing as thou do for rissoles, and put the stuffing in the coffins, and cover the coffins with the same paste, and fry them in good oil as thou do rissoles, and serve them hot in the same manner.

3,5 dl flour

1,5 dl water

½ teaspoon salt

pinch of saffron

enough olive oil for frying


100 g ground lamb

100 g ground pork

3-4 dried figs

1 teaspoon ginger


pinch of saffron

Knead well together flour, water, salt and a pinch of saffron. Add more flour if needed. Put it in fridge for awhile. Mince dried figs and mix all the filling ingredients together and let them stand couple minutes. For the bases roll little circles from the dough and fill them with about teaspoon of filling. Close the pies carefully using a drop of water and fry them in olive oil until golden brown. Drain pies and serve hot.


This post is about a friend´s article.. which is unfortunately only in Finnish. She (Sahra) was fortunate to have a chance to see and work at Ronneburg castle (Germany) last Summer. Her article is so well written that you feel that you are actually there too.

Tomorrow I will go to Turku Kauppahalli (City of Turku’s Market Hall) to hunt some meat for the blog. And I was planning to do cooking on Saturday 😀 .


And now in Finnish:

Käykää ihmeessä katsomassa Sahran (Mervin) uusin artikkeli. Todella mielenkiintoista luettavaa! Sahralla oli mahdollisuus päästä viime kesällä Saksassa Ronneburgin linnan keittiöön tekemään ruokaa ihan oikeilla välineillä.  Teksti on kirjoitettu niin mukaansa tempaavasti, että tuntuu kuin itse olisi siellä. Melkein voi haistaa mausteiden tuoksun..

Olen huomenna menossa Turun kauppahalliin metsästämään lihaa tuleviin blogin resepteihin. Toivottavasti onnistaa! Ruokaa olisi tarkoitus taas tehdä lauantaina :D.

At All Hallows Feast event last weekend we had this as a dessert with rose cream pudding. For All Hallows we used apple mush but the recipe I tried from the book before the event called apples cut as small as dust. Anyway the apple mush with rose cream pudding was delicious. I didn’t change the recipe for the feast much. At the event I decided at the end not to use rice flour because the mush was already thick enough. So here is the translation of the original recipe from “Take a Thousand Eggs or more”:

Pommesmoille (serves 4)

Laud MS. 553,  Volume II

Take rice & bray them in mortar, mix them up with almond milk, boil them: take apples & cut them as small as dust, cast them in after the boiling, & sugar: color it with saffron, cast thereto good powder, & give it forth.

3 dl Almond milk (see basic recipes from above)

1 tablespoon rice flour

2 dl apples cut as small as dust

3 tablespoon sugar

¼ teaspoon ginger

½ teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of saffron

Peel the apples and cut them very small, as small as dust 😉 . Make almond milk and put it in a pot. Bring it to boil. Mix rice flour to a dash of water. Add the thickener (rice flour with water) to pot constantly whisking the almond milk. Add apples and spices and let it simmer about 5 minutes and serve.

Comments: You can add more sugar if you want it to be more sweet.

This time I have “a making of” picture with apples cut as small as dust and almond milk in Ida’s  lovely present pitcher!