I got this award from Alitsa today :). Thank you! (My first award ever!)

So now I need to answer in five questions and give this away for five awesome and gorgeous blogs.
1. When did you start your blog?

Just recently, about month ago.
2. What is it about?
Mainly it’s a challenge for me :D.. I write about cooking medieval food.
3. What are the differences between this blog than others?
Well, this blog is supposed to end when one year is over.
4. Why did you started it?
I wanted to challenge myself and I found out that I haven’t got enough time to make medieval food at home.
5. What would you like to chance in your blog?
I had difficulties with the appearance. I didn’t want to pay money and get better theme for the blog. Maybe next time?
And the award goes for these 5 gorgeus blogs:



Oikeus olla rajaolento

Textile time travels

Mullan alla

Ooh.. only for five 😦 I know so may gorgeous blogs!